Kitchen Technics

Dress & season!

Technique that consists of adding extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil to other cold foods in order to enhance and enhance its flavor. They can be mixed with spices, aromatic herbs or condiments such as vinegar. Salads are the best example of the use of seasoning, although we can also use it in fish, vegetables, etc.


Technique that consists in the immersion in olive oils of ready-to-eat foods to prolong their useful life, such as cheeses, vegetables, fish or meats. In addition to ensuring perfect preservation, the food is impregnated with the aromas and flavors of olive oils.


Technique that consists of joining two or more ingredients, initially very difficult to mix, to achieve a homogenous substance, voluminous, and with a texture different from the one they had separately. Olive oils are the best emulsifier, they provide, in addition to their unique flavors and aromas, shine and a special and velvety texture. Mayonnaise, salmorejo and white garlic are typical recipes for emulsions.


Cooking a food in olive oil at high temperature, so that a crispy layer is created on the outside, which guarantees more juicy and light fried. This layer prevents the oil from soaking the food: potatoes, fish, tempura or any fried is unbeatable if it is made with olive oils.

Stir fry!

Technique used to lightly cook a food in its own juice in which olive oils provide flavors and aromas, as well as a health bonus. Especially suitable for vegetables.


Mixed technique consists in subjecting the foodstuffs to a first stir-fry until browning and sealing their surface with the help of the olive oils, to then proceed to the slow cooking with a minimum quantity of broth, wine or its own juice.


Cooking technique at high temperature and very short time, especially suitable for foods that require little cooking or cooked beforehand, such as mollusks, seafood or vegetables such as green beans. The stability of olive oils at high temperatures makes them unbeatable for this technique.


Technique that involves immersing the food in a liquid preparation of thick consistency, in which starting from extra virgin or virgin olive oil, spices and aromatic herbs, we achieve a more complex flavor. We can marinate meats, but also fish.


Culinary technique that consists of a prolonged cooking of a food in a broth composed of vinegar, olive oils and spices. Birds and fish are typical foods associated with this technique.


Slowly simmer the food in a closed container at low temperature. Here, olive oils are able to maximize the natural flavor of meat and fish.


Technique that consists of covering and cooking the food in olive oils at a very low temperature, to obtain gelatinous and soft textures. We have a perfect example: confit cod.


Cooking technique based on the slow fire so that the heat is transmitted gradually to the food, either in the oven or iron. Here, olive oils provide stability at high temperatures, helping to enhance the flavors of food. The most representative example is the the grilled fish.


Enrich the flavors of raw foods thanks to a prolonged bath in a liquid in which in addition to extra virgin or virgin olive oil, you can add spices, aromatic herbs, vegetables, etc. Especially indicated for fish.

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